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Pitigliano isn’t the most photographed town in the Tuscan Maremma for nothing. This beautiful old town is so closely carved into the surrounding tufo rock cliff that you can’t tell where the cliff ends and the gorgeous stone houses begin. And the resulting effect is breathtaking – even more so in the afternoon when the sunsets and the rocks take on a soft yellow hue.

The countryside around Pitigliano was already inhabited in 3 B.C and historians have found a number of ruins from this period that still stand today, including a hill crowned by a circle of megaliths – the only “Stonehenge” in Southern Europe.

But Pitigliano didn’t truly come into its own until the Etruscans arrived. They carved through the tufo rock in the valleys to create roads known today as the “Vie Cave”. Above these imposing paths they built tombs, which never fail to render the curious modern visitor speechless.

In the 9th century A.D, Pitigliano fell into the hands of the Aldobrandeschi family, who then passed the town to the Orsini family three centuries later as a gift to celebrate the union of the two families through marriage. The town became the jewel in the crown of the Orsini empire.

In recent years, the gardens, grand palaces and churches built by the Orsini have been beautifully restored. In the alleyways of the town, the Jewish ghetto and synagogue that were a refugee to exiled Jews in the 16th century have also been restored. Together these sights are just some of the reasons why Pitigliano was awarded the orange flag by the Italian Touring Club – a much coveted award that is only given to the most beautiful towns in Italy.

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