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Sovana is only 10kms from il Borgo di San Valentino, which is quite a treat seeing as the town is one of the most beautiful in Italy and constantly referred to as “the jewel of the Maremma”.

The countryside around the town was civilised by the Etruscans, who built many roads, quarries and necropolises that remain among the most celebrated and historically-significant ruins in the world.

In the 10th century A.D, Sovana became the capital of the Aldobrandeschi empire and they didn’t hold back, building two churches, the Duomo and the Chiesa del Ciborio, both of which have come to be regarded as true masterpieces of Romanesque art. They were churches fit for a pope and the city did indeed give birth to one – Ildebrando da Soana, otherwise known as Pope Gregory VII, a man renowned in history for his peaceful reign.

With the arrival of the Orsini family in the 14th century, the town began to lose much of its prestige. In a peculiar twist of fate, the centuries of neglect that followed actually helped make Sovana what it is today. Forgotten, the town has been left to its own devices – a self-contained world carved in tufo and completely as it was in the Middle Ages. Its ancient beauty is unrivalled – just ask Oscar-award winning director Roberto Rossellini, who used the town as the setting for his film Francesco Giullare di Dio.

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